Smart Pickerington Drivers Protect Against Overheating

February 25, 2018

Engines get hot when they run. This heat can build up and damage vital engine parts, so engines need a cooling system to keep them running. Cooling system failure is the most common mechanical failure in vehicles. This is unfortunate, because these failures are usually easy for Pickerington driv... More

ICE - In Case Of Emergency In Pickerington Ohio

February 21, 2018

When accidents occur in Pickerington, Ohio, the victims' emergency contacts are extremely important. Too often, those involved aren't able to provide rescuers with phone numbers and medical information.When Ohio police and rescue workers must sift through pockets, glove compartments, wallets, pu... More

Air Conditioning Service in Pickerington

February 11, 2018

Hey Pickerington! Let's talk about one of our Ohio summertime must-haves: your car A/C. It's real easy for Pickerington drivers to take their car's air conditioner for granted. Just push the right buttons and out comes cool, dry, clean air. But your air conditioning system needs attention from ti... More

Exhaust Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Pickerington: Passing the Smell Test

February 8, 2018

The exhaust system on a vehicle is more complex than most Pickerington residents realize. It contains everything from old-fashioned pipes and clamps to sophisticated computers and sensors. All Ohio folks know a properly functioning exhaust system is good for the environment, but sometimes we for... More

The Right Automotive Fluids for Pickerington Drivers

February 7, 2018

All those automotive fluids can be confusing for Pickerington drivers. Recent years have brought new grades of engine oil, types of transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid. The right fluid protects your vehicle and helps it perform at its best. The wrong fluid won't work as well and could eve... More

Good Timing: Proper Timing Belt Replacement Saves Money for Pickerington Drivers

February 6, 2018

Knowing how their engine works can help Pickerington drivers make informed decisions about auto care and prevent repairs to their vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to timing belts.An engine's power is generated in the cylinders. Inside the cylinder is a piston that moves up and dow... More

When Do My Shocks Need to Be Replaced?

February 6, 2018

A good suspension system gives a vehicle a smooth, even ride while providing Pickerington drivers with good handling and control. But like any system on your vehicle, parts of the suspension system can wear out, leading to a lower ride quality and safety concerns. So it's a good idea for drivers... More

Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles in Pickerington, Ohio

February 5, 2018

The median age for cars in the Pickerington, Ohio area was over nine years. And two-thirds had over 75,000 miles. At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Pickerington we hear reports that those numbers continue to rise. If you have a high-mileage vehicle in the Pickerington area, bring it into Tuffy Tire & ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Pickerington: Knowing When Your Timing Belt Should Be Replaced

February 4, 2018

The timing belt in your engine controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Pickerington drivers need to replace it on a schedule to avoid failure.Timing belts are very difficult to get to, requiring quite a bit of labor to access. Timing belt replacement is one of the more ... More

The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Pickerington Guide to Saving Fuel: Beware of Myths

February 3, 2018

There's a lot of auto advice in Ohio right now on how to save money on gas. Some of it is good advice. Some of it isn't. Some of it is myth. And it may well be a scam. Plain and simple. When someone offers you a product designed to save money on gas, ask yourself, Does this sound too good to be t... More